Improve your productivity using automated quality control

Today’s manufacturers are faced with many challenges that impact their quality control and bottom lines, including bottlenecks at the CMM or inspection arm, manufacturing skills gap, quality control costs and inefficient production cycles.

  • Measure and inspect complex shapes and surface finishes
  • Minimize programming times
  • Reduce non-compliance and rework
  • Accelerate measuring times
  • Address labor shortages as well as a lack of standards and skilled employees

Live webinar on

Wednesday, November 20

at 10 a.m. EDT

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Live webinar on

Wednesday, November 20

at 10 a.m. EDT

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What will be covered in this webinar

You’ll learn how next-generation metrology solutions, which include an automated 3D scanning CMM located right on the production floor and operated by users of any level, can help improve productivity, maintain dimensional measurement accuracy, lower quality control costs, and ensure optimal product quality.

What you will learn

  • The problems that traditional CMMs and measurement arms cause for quality control processes
  • The benefits of automated quality control using in-line and at-line metrology solutions
  • Best practices for integrating automated dimensional inspection solutions for improved quality control and productivity

About the presenter

Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie

Product Manager

Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie holds a Physics Engineering degree from Université Laval in Quebec. He joined Creaform in 2007 as an application engineer. Jérôme-Alexandre has over 10 years of experience in 3D data management. He is now in charge of Creaform’s complete portfolio of automated quality control technologies.

Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie

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